Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Fat Spy parts 4 & 5

When we last left The Fat Spy... Dodo was meeting a mermaid.

Then it cuts to two Jack E. Leonard love scenes. One twin is romancing Mansfield, the other is with Phyllis Diller.

About 5 minutes into the clip is my favorite part. Jack E. Leonard sings the funniest song in the movie. It's about how ugly Phyllis Diller is.

But the mood of the film is getting darker... treachery is afoot.

But, not much. It's remarkable how little happened in this 10 minute clip.

This clip was so disappointing! When it starts, you think Diller is going to sing. Sadly, she doesn't.

Equally sadly, Mansfield belts out another tune. This time she is singing how she could be a Rose in Leonard's garden.

I rarely understand the lyrics to love songs. This one is pretty far out there.

Remember when Patrick Swayze sung "She's like the wind, through my trees?"

What was that about? It sounds vaguely dirty.

And remember when Phil Collins wrestled The Ultimate Warrior?

Yeah, that was awesome.

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Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson

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  1. If this seems to be dragging on, you should watch the movie!