Thursday, April 23, 2009

youtube junk

I really like
If you haven't heard it's a website where you can watch videos.

And, if you haven't heard that... a website is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are hosted on one web server, usually accessible via the Internet.

Anyway, here is some stuff I found on the youtube.

High Five:

Here are some of the greatest 'high fives' I have ever seen. EVER!

Korean Popeyes' commercial:

This is the greatest commercial since that commercial for that retreat where those guys high fived each other.
It features a gal yelling at a craw-fish and then the craw-fish puts her in her place so she puts a giant spoon in her mouth.

Triple H's invisible shirt:

This is an odd video of WWE superstar HHH taking off a shirt he isn't wearing. I have heard some people claim he was wrapped up in a piece of cable... but I think he just took one too many chair shots.
Just remind yourself "There is no shirt."

Guy falls off stage:

This is a classic. This dude is just dancing like he is cock of the walk. Then he falls off the stage.
I am so glad I finally used 'cock of the walk' on this site.

Steve Ballmer goes crazy:

I never heard of him before, but now I love Steve Ballmer.
It's like the coach of "Just the Ten of Us" acting like the coach of 'I Drank Too Much Red Bull Industries."

Bundy vs. Buster:

Here Bundy beats up a mascot to help a small child... who I guess wanted to beat up a mascot.
Sadly, the kid doesn't know how to do Bundy's fabled 5 count.

Jackie Chan and some puppets:

Jackie tells some puppet animals that they are naked so they go shopping and then fight.

Incredible Hulk DVD:

It's cheap plastic, but it's pretty cool to have it.

Recouping with Dr. T:

Mr. T shows how to recoup using your break dance moves. It's absoludicris!
Somehow we want the guy who played Paul on Cheers to like us.

Bergen & McCarthy at the Chinese Theatre:

Let's end on a classic note as puppet Charlie McCarthy gets his hands and footprints enshrined outside the famed theater.