Monday, January 05, 2009

Don't Wake Hulk

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Remember the board game Don't Wake Daddy? Neither do I.

Anyway, for Christmas I got the updated version of the game. It's called Don't Wake Hulk.

Based on the Marvel comic book... we all know these are based on Marvel's goal of making as much money as possible.

This "Hulk" is based on the Spider-man and Friends line which basically makes the superheroes look like a bunch of weird adolescents with extra large heads and undersized legs.

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The game play is pretty simple. You grab a playing piece (you can either be you can be either Spider-man, Drix (from Osmosis Jones), Freddy Krueger in a Yellow and Blue Mask or Halle Berry.

I chose to be Halle Berry... but as Jinx from the James Bond movie. It's the obvious choice. I already own an orange swimsuit.

After choosing your playing piece you put on on the start space.

Since I chose Halle Berry you might want to choose Drix.
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For some reason the game designers drew him with legs. Actually, maybe this isn't supposed to be Drix. It might be that superhero Morton Downey Jr. played in a recent movie... you know the one where he plays an iron man. I don't remember what they called the movie.

Anyway, Hulk is asleep in the center of the board. He even wears a purple cap to bed. I don't why he didn't revert to being Bruce Bixby when he dozed off... but I guess "Don't Wake The Guy Who Directed Blossom" wasn't a catchy enough game title.

So, before you roll the special Don't Wake Hulk die you have to deal out the cards.

The cards have other Marvel heroes and villains on them like Captain America or Ari Arad on them. Some just have odd things like flashlights... unless there is a superhero that turns into a flashlight that I don't know of. You could call him THE FLASH or JUDITH LIGHT.

Next you roll the die. It has a different color on each side. You then move your playing piece and if the space has a character that you DON'T have the corresponding card for you have to press Hulk's alarm the number of times indicated on the space. If you wake him... he breaks every bone in your body. If not Ari Arad arranges a reboot for the Hulk due in theaters before the end of the game.

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