Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Old Bedroom Wall part 2

Recently I found a photo of my bedroom wall circa 1987.
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In the last post I identified 30 of the 60 pieces of art... so that's like 90 percent.

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Here is the rest:

31. This was a xerox of my hand and a bunch of other junk. I did this at the library, I think, and it probably cost me a quarter.

32. Tara of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. She looks kinda gorgeous. I don't think I ever saw her wrestle. But, I dreamed about it. I dreamed she wrestled me... and we both won... if you know what I mean... and if you do call me and tell me.

33. Brutus The Barber and a referee. Might have been Danny Davis. I almost typed Brutus the Babar. That would have been a cool gimmick. If he turned into an elephant after the match.

34. Ted Dibiasi and Virgil. I met Virgil once. I didn't find it that enriching.

35. A bloodied black and white photo of Hogan. This had to be from Pro Wrestling Illustrated. WWF magazine never showed blood. Except if Blood was the name of a tag team... but I don't think it was. Did I mention that I met Babar? Or was that Virgil? No, I am pretty sure it was me that met Babar.

36. Potty Scotty (Garbage Pail Kids) I loved the Garbage Pail Kids. Loved them more than anything else for a short time. Potty Scotty, my only 1st edition card, was the prize of my collection. I am proud to say I still own it.

37. Not sure. Perhaps it's a photo of the time that Babar and Virgil wrestled that chick from GLOW. I already forgot her name. Maybe it was Danny Davis? No I am pretty sure it was me that forgot her name.

38. Schematic of the Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine. I think I still have this, too. I know I still have the magazine I removed the poster from, but I think the poster is in there too... maybe it was Babar... ah, even I am sick of that joke.

39. I will give you ten bucks if you let me skip to number 43.

43. Check is in the mail, my friend.

44. This was a picture of the Hart Foundation involved in what the wrestlers call a smoshz. Not sure how they spell it. I think it's Hebrew for "french taco."

45. I am ashamed to say I think that is Adam Bomb... not the Garbage Pail Kid, but the WWF star.

46. The Ultimate Warrior. I hated him, but I had about 3 inches of empty space to fill. This was important.

47. Miss Elizabeth. Lovely.

48. I think this was a photo of the Hart Foundation (with Danny Davis) doing the see no evil, hear no evil, starring Kane starts Friday at the Cineramadome, pose.

49. Jimmy Hart. Today he does a commercial for hair loss. Back then (fill in hilarious joke later.)

50. Not sure about this.

51. Don't know what this was.

52. Macho Man and Elizabeth and Hogan. The two men are holding her on their sweaty shoulders.

53. My autographed picture of Roddy Piper. I got this free from a mail away form in a WWF ice cream bar box. I still have this, too.

54. Bam Bam Bigelow and Sir Oliver Humperdink. Yup, these were names given to grown men.

55. Bam Bam.

56. Weird Al Yankovic. What room is complete without his photo.

57. A small black dot. Could just be a piece of dirt on the scanner. I have no idea.

58. Strike Force logo. They were a team of Tito Santana and Rick Martel. Originally it was Rick Martel and Tom Zenk. They called themselves the Can-Am Connection. Jessie Ventura joked that the Tito and Rick team should be called the Mexi-can Connection. But instead they called themselves Strike Force because they "strike... with force." Yup. I watched lots of wrestling when I was a kid.

59. Dunno.

60. The Honky Tonk Man. He was cool. He was cocky. He was b-b-b-bad.

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