Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bathroom signage in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is the newest Disney theme park within the massive Florida resort.

It's not really new anymore, but it is still newest. Blah blah blah. Intro intro.


Here is the sign outside the men's room near the Dinosaur ride:

Take a good look at that. The dude has a GIANT bee on top of his head. Like an alien insect here to suck out his brains and fill the brain hole with pollen.

Sweet pollen.

The ladies don't have it much better:

A big Starship Trooper's reject is floating over her head.

Look at the dude again:

That bee is NOT floating. He has landed and I do NOT see his stinger. BECAUSE IT HAS PIERCED THE MAN'S SKULL.

Think of the fear this instill in guys. Sure, you may have to pee, but do you want a bee the size of that bearded midget that was on Seinfeld permanently parting your hair?

Look at the ladies room sign again:

I think she is CONTROLLING that bug. I think that bug might even be Mothra. Perhaps the female shown is one of those two ladies that follow Mothra around and sing songs about her.

I just decided to "hold it in" until I got to Camp Mickey Minnie.

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