Friday, October 13, 2006

I Pity The Fool: Episode 1-Mo-T-vation

Man oh man did I love this show. You know how sometimes you psych yourself up for something to the degree that you couldn't dislike it under any circumstances?

That's how I felt about this show.

I first heard about this show waaaay back in the summer of 2005. I couldn't wait for it to come together. Since then I have worked as hard as I could to find out more about it.

I even "auditioned" for the show three times.

The first time I told them about a workplace problem at one of my actual jobs. They had me make an audition tape and talk to all of us daily for about 2 weeks before the calls just stopped.

Nothing. Not a thank you. Not even a no thank you.

The second audition was with an theater troupe I work with. That time I told them how we had lost our director and needed Mr. T to come and direct our show.

They passed, but only after finding out about my habit of obsessive collecting. They were amazed at the amount of movies, board games and Mr. T memorabilia that I had.

They came to my home, video taped me and got testimonials from my family about my "problem."

They were excited, I was excited.

They even told me that Mr. T himself was excited about the idea and that he had "less Mr. T items than I had."

That seemed to be a ludicrous statement. Isn't EVERYTHING Mr. T owns a "Mr. T item?"

Well, after a lot of calls they finally decided that I wasn't right for the show. I was a bit too ordinary.

Then, a few months ago I found out that they would be shooting an episode about 90 minutes from my house and I went there to watch.

It was great fun and I even got to meet Mr. T.

Then TV Land ran a 48 hour A-Team marathon (dubbed the Mr. TV Land weekend) and I missed a whole lot of sleep.

I could not have been more psyched for this show.

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Episode one started with an AWESOME opening credit sequence where Mr. T actually broke "jibba jabba" over his knee:

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In this episode Mr. T was summoned to a car dealership that had problems with motivation. They wrote Mr. T a letter and he jogged over to the car dealership to help.

I did the same thing when I was kid! I sent a letter to Mr. T, The Incredible Hulk and Popeye. Sadly, none of them responded and I was stuck with loading the dishwasher every night.

Mom got off easy that time.

Mr. T tells us the problems that the employees of this Nissan dealership have.

Problem #1 is between the owner and his son-in-law.
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See the owner has had dinner with every President since Jimmy Carter, and he looks like Ernest Borgnine:
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His son-in-law has never even had cake with a congressman. Plus he looked just like Scott Peterson:

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Mr. T starts a duologue between the two of them and Scott Peterson cries like a girl.

Soon Mr. T is off to sell a car. He tries his hand at cold calling first, he isn't good at it.

Next thing you know, the dealership has sold a bunch of cars and everyone is happy.

That was it. The show is only 30 minutes and it flies by at an amazing rate.

I loved it.

It was quirky and funny.

I can't wait until episode 2.

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