Monday, August 08, 2005

DJ Scribble

I saw this at Toys R' Us and I knew I HAD to get it:

I had a vague recollection of who DJ Scribble was because I saw him on WWF "Sunday Night Heat" from WWF New York.

This was back when the WWE was called the WWF and they had a show called "Sunday Night Heat" and there was still an eatery named WWF New York.

It was the era that I like to call "The greatest time of my or anyone else’s lives."

I only remembered DJ Scribble because I thought his name was stupid. So did WWF superstar Tazz who called him DJ Scrabble multiple times.

Inside this box is a Scribble Spinhead! Plus it comes with a Phat Ride.

Still, it wasn't worth $3.98. However, on the day I bought it Toys R Us was selling it for 50% off of the already discounted price.

Scribble is kind of like a bobble head doll only it doesn't bob. You have to turn it manually.

The lack of automatic bobble head action is overcome by a myriad of scratching sounds and catch phrases including (but no limited to):

I am DJ Scribble.
Takin' a phat ride.
Get your hands up!

Perhaps he's supposed to be a car thief.

DJ SCRIBBLE: Get your hands up!
CAR OWNER: Whoa! Don't shoot! What are you doing?
DJ SCRIBBLE: Takin’ a phat ride.
CAR OWNER: Well, my car is nice, but "phat ride", that's pushing it.
DJ SCRIBBLE: I am DJ Scribble.
CAR OWNER: Oh yeah! I saw you on Sunday Night Heat!

I tried to act this out with my stupid Daredevil toy and some other action figures I found in the trunk of my car but then I lost interest.

Here's a photo:


  1. That picture has me terribly confused. Are those three thugs trying to steal the car DJ Scribble stole from the Mouses?

  2. It kinda looks like the thugs are engaged in a game of high-speed "chicken" with DJ Scribble and his phat ride.

    Who's gonna turn first???

  3. The General Lee8/09/2005

    General-Lee speaking, I hate rap, but I love this toy!
    Get it? Generally? General Lee?

  4. He looks like AJ. lol.