Wednesday, June 09, 2004

People named Stewart

Obscure Trivia about celebrities named Stewart

Jon Stewart (Host of The Daily Show): Once had a job studying mosquitoes for the NJ Department of Health.

French Stewart (Actor, Third Rock from the Sun): Played Yogi Bear in a children’s show, but was fired for removing the costume head in front of children.

Payne Stewart (Late golfer, famous for his traditional attire): His father taught him to dance by having him stand on his shoes

Stewart Copeland (Musician, member of The Police): He is fluent in Arabic.

Patrick Stewart (Actor, Star Trek, X-Men): Found a cat on the set of Star Trek: TNG and kept her as a pet.

Martha Stewart (Ruler of the Martha Stewart Living Empire): During college, Martha worked as a model to pay her tuition.

Rod Stewart (Musician): Was a former professional soccer player before becoming a musician.

Jimmy Stewart (Actor, It’s A Wonderful Life): Played the Accordion.

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