Thursday, June 24, 2004

Pac-Man and the art of insanity


Pacmanhattan is a website devoted to a bunch of people that play a live version of Pac-Man in the street. That is what they do. Run around pretending to be Pac-Man.

I have met a few crazy people in my life. Most are sad up close, but funny from far away. Most of the crazy people I have met were homeless and had no access to the internet. Luckily, there are many crazy people that do.

This is not to say unequivocally that having a strong love for Pac-Man is wrong. Heck, I once had a hot dream about Ms. Pac-Man. See, me and Ms. Pac-Man were all alone and she WASN'T WEARING HER BOW!

GOOD GOD, I just realized that Ms. Pac-Man is just Pac-Man with a bow on her head. Without the bow, it's just Pac-Man. I HAD A DREAM ABOUT PAC-MAN!

Ugh. Anyway, the people who run around pretending to be Pac-Man aren't necessarily crazy, but they probably are... CRAZY.

Many parents like to say that their kids make them 'crazy.' I never thought this was true until a recent trip to Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom. Two kids were pushing each other back and forth as we stood in line. One of the kids said "Hey, stop pushing me!" His father turned around with the angriest look on his face.

He shouted "What did I tell you? Hay is for HORSES!"

Hay is for horses.

He shouted this. That's crazy!
I, having never heard the 'Hay is for horses' comment spoken in anger, laughed. Luckily he didn't notice or he may have yelled 'laughing is for hyenas' or 'is your name Rowan? Because this ain't Laugh In.'
This seemingly normal man had gone CRAZY.

Homeless guys sit around the subway and talk to themselves. This is why many people consider them crazy. I know many people who talk to dogs and cats. I even know people that give their pets gifts during the holidays. How do they even know what religion the dog is? If you're Catholic and you have a Jewish dog, won't he be offended by this gift.

OWNER: Hey Snookums! Here is your Christmas Present. A chew toy!
DOG: Now I get a gift!?! Where were you during Hanukkah? All 8 nights I got NOTHING!
OWNER: Don't you like the chew toy? It's pork flavored.
DOG: PORK! I can't have pork during Ramadan! Didn't you know I am half Muslim, too!

What did you get your dog for Ramadan?

To play Pac-Man online click here.


  1. Very interesting.
    Reading about these folks made me feel a lot less geeky. I mean seriously, playing a live version of Pac-Man that is just silly. I have no time for that. I'm too busy for childish games when I have only learned half of the Kilgon language. I'm way off pace too. The next con is in less than a month, and I don't even have a conversational grasp of the language.
    FYI: For a funny bit of real life Pac-Man moments check out Club Dead.