Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Vacation Junk

The mountains of Disneyland
In fabulous Disneyland California, there are 4 mountains. The mountains are each different and unique. Let us take a look at them:
Matterhorn Mountain:
Based on the famous mountain of the same name, the Matterhorn has been taking guests on a thrilling ride for almost 50 years. The ride is a bobsled ride through the snow capped peak. In the old ...

The Oldest Theme Park In The World
Mr. Six. The new spokesman for the Six Flags amusement park chain. He dances like a fool to some techno tune and then people are inspired to go on roller coasters. As commercials go, it is pretty good. Here is a typical 30 second spot.
INT. Operating room- Day
A man is laying on an operating table, unconscious. He is bleeding badly. A DOCTOR is working furiously on reviving him....

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
In 1949 Walt Disney Pictures released The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. It is an odd film by Disney standards.
For starters it is two stories. The Headless Horseman and The Wind and the Willows. The stories are completly unrelated. I suppose neither one was long enough to fill an entire 90 minutes. Of course...

Off-beat vacation spots
Roadside America: It would be wrong of me not to direct you to this fine site it is the BEST place to find off beat travel spots.
Today, just in time for the forth of July, I present some of my favorites, many of which, you will not find on Roadside America.
Sesame Place:
Do you have a trip planned to Langhorne Pennsylvania planned? No? Too bad, because it is home to the ...

The plane truth about Delta flight DL 82 (get it? The PLANE truth) Delta flight DL 82, non stop from Philadelphia to Los Angeles California.
The flight started boarding on time at 7:40. First Class boarded first followed by 'zone one'.
I had never noticed the zone on my ticket before. In the past I remembered them boarding us by rows. Not anymore. We are in the zone! I hope this process takes a hold everywhere. I WANT THE WORD ZONE TO REPLACE THE WORD ROW. ...

A Disney press release
Our Bunch O Junk investigation team has uncovered the following Disney press released, not yet available to the public.
Jonesboro, AK (PRWEB) July 15, 2004 -- A touch of history, a touch of class, and a touch of comfort will be experienced by visitors to Disney's newest theme park: Disneyland Arkansas...

Lucy the Elephant
I am a sucker for odd attractions, so when I heard there was a giant wooden elephant in Margate, NJ, I jumped into the car quicker than you could say "That's a really stupid cliché, I bet it took you at least 30 seconds to get into your car. As a matter of fact, I bet you didn't even leave until the NEXT day, you filthy liar."(more)

Disneyland's opening day
Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955. It was a very hot day, but otherwise pleasant.
The day was set as a 'press preview.' Only a select group of reporters, celebrities and dignitaries were invited. Unfortunately MANY forged tickets were also being distributed causing the park to be overrun with UN-invited guests.(more)


The show RELOADED.

Carousel of Progress 2: Electric Boogaloo

The history of the Disney show.

Carousel of Progress

The Tiki Room Junk
A show from Disney's parks.

The Hollywood Sign Junk
Learn about the world's most famous sign!

The Stitch’s Great Escape Junk
The alien arrives at WDW!

The Hollywood Sign Ghost Junk
Ooooooh spooky!

The Hollywood Sign Changes
Ooooooh not spooky!