Sunday, January 08, 2012

My Pittsburgh Parrots

A few years ago I attended a game at Pittsburgh's fantastic PNC Park.

Like any good consumer I made a stop at the concession and bought a few things. First was this:

The Parrot is the second best mascot in MLB (after the Phillie Phanatic, obv.)

After grabbing the parrot in a giant bin of identical parrots I headed to the cashier... then something caught my eye.
At the bottom of that bin I could see something odd. It was a plush with a different green hue.
I reached in and dug until I unearthed this guy:

How long was he waiting? 5 years? 1000 years? Who knows. Now he gets to sit on the shelf near my desk. I like to pretend the two parrots are constantly chatting... one talking 2012 slang, the other talking like a late 1800s ball player.

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  1. Nosek Godd8/07/2012

    I love the Pirate Parrot and the Pirates too for that matter. I just got my little guy in the mail yesterday and he's a spitting image of the second young man. In other words he's adorable. Go Bucs!