Saturday, January 21, 2012

Farmer Dooley

I have a son. He loves to watch Barney's Halloween Party.

Over and over. Again and again. All year round.

You will get the typical "I hate Barney" from me, because I don't.

I think it's a pretty clever show. It teaches kids with silliness & song. One of the cleverest things is that they use centuries old songs with new lyrics.

There's a reason "Old McDonald" is still sung today. It's catchy.

The kids are fun to watch and heck... the show has a DINOSAUR. I gotta like it.

That being said, it takes a lot of fortitude to watch the same episode over and over.

To pass the time I try and come up with a back story for all the characters. For starters there's Farmer Dooley:

This dude is obsessed with apples.

He tells the kids about the importance of apples to the world. He then sings a song about apples.

The lyrics are something like "Apple dumpling, apple beer, apples headphones for your ear. "

I think Farmer Dooley lives in a house made of apples. He drives a car powered by apple juice and sleeps on a pillow full of apple sauce.

He tells folks he is married, but actually he just has a pile of apples in his house that he dressed up like a lady.

Overall, Farmer Dooley is a good guy. Sure, he tried to pay his taxes with apples. Yeah, he has a knife he carries made from an apple core. Yes, he roughed up an orange farmer once.

But he's generally nice. Just don't mention bananas to him.