Friday, May 20, 2005


As we bring the one year anniversary extravaganza of to a close, the lovely Sk8grrrl has been kind enough to provide us with the answer to the year old question "what would life be like WITHOUT"


...I wouldn't fear the future nor would I know every plot hole in Back to the Future.

...I wouldn't know that "The Big Show is a person, not an actual show"

...I wouldn't be able to use the insult "go back to Epcot, ya freak!"

...I would be ignorant to the differences between Hulkamanics and Pastamanics. Imagine the embarrassment THAT would cause!

..My daily daydreams about "The Bad News Bears go to White Castle" would not exist.

...I wouldn't know John Ritter looked like Rowdy Roddy Piper.

...I wouldn’t know of Rowdy Roddy Piper.

...I would have never had the urge to bang my head on a piano.

...I'd know Sweetie was hot, but I wouldn’t have written proof.

...Never would I have heard someone talk to pants.

...I wouldn't know what the Seattle Pilots were. Except that there is an airport in Seattle and I would have assumed there were pilots there. But I wouldn't know of the other Seattle Pilots.

...I wouldn't think robots could be "handsome".

...I wouldn't consider "apple" a number.


...I'd never know Oregon sniffs airplane glue.

Never could I have imagined this nonsense to be written in such a poetic way. I think I'm gonna cry. Or watch wrestling. Yeah, I'm more in the mood for wrestling.

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