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Unknown on the Walk of Fame: Vol. A, Part 3

This is the 3rd in a series. To go back to #2 click here. Don't worry; you don't have to read them in order.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the highlights of fabulous Hollywood, California. The walk starts at LeBrea Ave (by the Stephen J Cannell building) and runs way down to Gower Street (right past the historic Pantages Theater.)

The Walk features many, many stars. Currently it is well over 2000 with new ones added every year. Because of the sheer volume of stars, there are many that are not remembered as fondly as Lucille Ball or David Spade.

These are celebrities who have not stood the test of time, but once shined as bright as any other.

I started this series to try to help people remember these great stars. Let’s keep rolling:

Eve Arden TV
Eve Arden Radio

An inductee of the Radio Hall of Fame, Eve is perhaps best known today for her role as the Principal in Grease. Beyond that, she starred in over 70 films starring opposite everyone from Jimmy Stewart to Groucho Marx.
Samuel Z. Arkoff MP

Arkoff was a producer of "exploitation" films. He was executive producer on the original Amityville Horror film and Slaughter's Big Rip Off. I mention Slaughter's Big Rip Off because Ed McMahon plays a drug kingpin in it. That's right, THAT Ed McMahon. I am not kidding.
Richard Arlen MP

Richard Arlen made almost 150 films from the silent era to the 1970s. Still, he had no nickname. Pity.
George Arliss MP

George was a silent film star with extensive British training. He was already a senior citizen when he started making films and thus played a bunch of "old guy" roles.
Louis Armstrong Rec

Famed trumpet player, Armstrong had 3 nicknames: Pops, Sweet Papa Dip and Satchmo. Don't you think he could have given one to Richard Arlen?
Neil Armstrong TV

Neil is one of the Astronauts who are commemorated in a special circular "moon landing" star.
Desi Arnaz MP
Desi Arnaz TV

Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy, Desi actually had an extensive career prior to I Love Lucy. Desi was notoriously unfaithful to his wife, Lucille Ball. So unfaithful that he got the Lucy gig just so she could keep an eye on him.
James Arness TV

Standing a towering 6'7", Arness is best known for his work as Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke.
Eddy Arnold Radio

A beloved Country Western Performer. He is also in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
Edward Arnold Rec

Was a screen, stage and TV star, but for some reason is listed in the "recording (or music)" category. It might be a mistake by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website, I will take notice next time I pass the star. Arnold started performing at age 12 and eventually became president of the Screen Actors Guild. Arnold did appear on a famous record, The Genesis Suite, in which he narrated the Symphony.
Roseanne Arnold TV

Yup, Rosanne. Star of her self titled TV show and the movie She-Devil. Obviously, she received the star during her 4 year marriage to actor Tom Arnold. Today she is just known as "Rosanne", but no one really cares. Her biggest claim to fame was butchering the National Anthem at a baseball game and then grabbing her crotch and spitting. Recently she played a cow in a Disney movie.
Cliff Arquette Radio

Actor and comedian who was famous for his character Charlie Weaver. Cliff appeared on many TV shows as Charlie Weaver, mostly game shows. He is the grandfather of Rosanna Arquette, Patricia Arquette and David Arquette.
Jean Arthur MP

Pretty actress known for her squeaky voice. Perhaps her defining role was in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington where she played "Clarissa Saunders".
Dorothy Arzner MP

Dorothy was a female film director in a time where that was UNHEARD of. In fact, she was the first female member of the Director's Guild.
Edward Asner TV

Another former president of the Screen Actors Guild, Anser is famous for his role as Lou Grant and his left win political activism.
Fred Astaire MP

Famous on screen dance partner of Ginger Rogers. His legs were insured for one million dollars. I wonder how that works. If he got a "Charlie horse" or skinned his knee did he get a check for couple thousand bucks? If so, I am insuring my legs.
Nils Asther MP

Born in Sweden, Nils starred in over 70 films from the 20s to the 60s.
Mary Astor MP

Supremely successful film actress who appeared in Maltese Falcon, Meet Me in St. Louis and Fiesta.
Gene Austin Rec

Popular singer in the 20s and 30s, Gene had several hit records including "Take Your Shoes Off, Baby". It is my new favorite song title.
Gene Autry MP
Gene Autry Radio
Gene Autry Rec
Gene Autry TV
Gene Autry LT

The only person to have a Walk of Fame star in all five categories (motion picture, radio, recorded music, television and live theater) Gene was famous for many things. He appeared in my westerns and had the signature song "Back in the Saddle Again". He also owned the California Angels.
Agnes Ayers MP

The Walk of Fame website does it again!! Agnes' last name is actually spelled Ayres. She was an extremely popular silent star of the 1920s. She co-starred with Rudolph Valentino in The Sheik (1921) and The Son of the Sheik. Lew Ayres MP
Lew Ayres Radio
Lew Ayres MP

Famed actor on TV and movies, Lew was most famous for his radio role as Dr. Kildare. He appeared in movies and TV during the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Today he is buried next to Frank Zappa.

Well, that's the A's. Now we only have 25 letters to go. I should be done around 2023.

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