Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hot foods hot

Remember the McDLT? It was a hamburger that came in a special container to "keep the hot side hot and the cold side cold." It was a nationwide phenomenon. As you ate it coldness and hotness would invade your mouth like a bad case of gingivitis. Sadly, the simultaneous hotness and coldness of the burger led to the death of a few people and the burger was discontinued.

Still, this wonderful coloring book page brings the magic back for us all.

Moe from the Three Stooges has just arrived in the cafeteria and is carrying a lunchbox that looks more like a bucket or a TV set (two items that oddly look nothing alike.) Already at the table is a child who has the standard school lunch:
#1 A box of apples
#2 A large wooden spoon
#3 A bowl of something
#4 A sandwich
#5 A giant moonshine jug
#6 A CD of the Ice Cube/Ice T duet "ICE"

I hope he's keep it hot... and cold.

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  1. There is something else about this photo. Something about it makes me think the Moe kid is a bully ready to smack down the other kid.

  2. Jim Shorts7/05/2005

    Foul! I know you are all upset about the east coast/west coast wars, but Ice Cube and Ice T can't duet! Foul!

  3. I had to laugh at your comment about it looking like some kind of bully/nerd showdown. Look at the uneasiness in the face of the kid at the table.

  4. Hand of the Dead Washer7/05/2005

    Sad but true about the McDlt deaths. I saw one of those. I was going to wash his hands but I figured he washed them before he ate.

  5. Mrs. Ashton Kutcher7/05/2005

    I became a fan of coloring books as I waited for my husband on the set of the Butterfly Effect. I also became a fan of eating crayons.

  6. Hot dogs, get your hot dogs here! Can't sell you cold dogs, but I will keep em hot!

  7. Astro's Slugger Morgan Ensberg7/07/2005

    I thought that was a Vanilla Ice cd!
    Woooo! I hit that one out of the park!

  8. Very funny, Cravipat.