Monday, July 11, 2005


Ladies and gentlemen, it's Telly Monster. Telly is basically Sesame Street's version of a film extra. He is not one of the main stars like Big Bird, Elmo or even Grover. He's just fits into the background. Poor Telly.
This page says "X-ray" at the top. The illustration seems to say a lot more.
The obvious possibility is that this shows an x-ray of Telly's chest revealing that he has a heart, but no ribcage to protect it.
Still, the look on his face tells a different story.
Perhaps it isn't an x-ray at all; rather it's a giant "X" painted across Telly's heart to show either:

A: Telly has no heart
B: Nobody loves Telly, or
C: Telly is not the answer provided by the hundred people surveyed for the "Family Feud"

A, B, and C are ALL better than the possibility that it is a REAL chest x-ray, because without a ribcage you could toss a beach ball at Telly and his chest would explode.

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  1. To me, Telly always looked like one of Sesame Street's honkers who lost his horns in a fight.

  2. Racist Hal7/11/2005

    I never watched Sesame Street. I would never let my kids a show with so many eskimos on it.

  3. Todd the God7/11/2005

    X marks the spot... that makes Telly cry.

    This is the word of Todd.

  4. Sluggo7/11/2005

    Publicly I hate Tellie in Outer Space, but secretly I love it.

  5. HatMatt717/11/2005

    Is Telly new on Sesame Street? I don't recall seeing him as a youngster.

  6. Funniest line ever:

    C: Telly is not the answer provided by the hundred people surveyed for the "Family Feud"

  7. Hand Washer of the Dead7/11/2005

    Thanks for the tip, Sweetie. I will be watching Sesame Street looking for the beach ball. I will have my soap and wash cloth ready.

  8. Positive Pete7/11/2005

    Hey Sweetie, great stuff. Really top notch. I love the coloring book! I also love the comments, you guys are wacky and fun!
    Sadly, I am HIV positive.

  9. Philly Phrank7/11/2005

    I wish the Liberty Bell had a heart, then I could hear it's sweet tones ringing here in Philly.