Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Walk of Fame: Vol. C, Part 3

Stan Chambers TV

Stan is a longtime reporter on channel five in Los Angeles. Stan began his career on TV in 1947 when only about 300 TV's EXISTED in Los Angeles. Now there are over 300 restaurants that just serve oxygen in LA.

Gower Champion TV

Dancer, actor and choreographer in many TV shows as well as films such as Show Boat. Worked as a team with wife Marge Champion.

Marge Champion TV

Part of dance team with husband Gower Champion.

Jackie Chan MP

Action star of such films as Rumble in the Bronx and Rush Hour.

Jeff Chandler MP

Film actor who recieved an Academy Award nommination for his 1950 film Broken Arrow.

Lon Chaney MP

Legendary actor in many silent horror films including The Phantom of the Opera.

Carol Channing TV

Popular stage actress, Carol has made countless appearances on TV including an appearance on "The Muppet Show".

Charles Chaplin MP

One of the most popular film stars of all time. He is the only person other than Hitler who wore the 'funny little mustache.'

Marguerite Chapman TV

Actress of film and televison who appeared on such shows as "Police Story" and "Rawhide".

Cid Charisse MP

Actress and dancer in such features as Singing in the Rain.

Ray Charles Rec

Legendary musician whom, accoridng to the Jamie Fox movie, had Daredevil like superpowers including the abiltiy to hear humming birds from a mile away and tell fat women from thin women just by feeling their wrists.

Charley Chase MP

Comic actor in over 200 films from the silent era to the 1940s. His famous co-stars included Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, and Laurel & Hardy.

Chevy Chase MP

One time Saturday Night Live performer who liked to utter the phrase "I'm Chevy Chase and you're not." We should be thankful for that.

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