Tuesday, July 05, 2005

John Travolta-June 2, 1980

Travolta got his star around the time of the release of the film Urban Cowboy. John's square is located near John Wayne's and, in case you are wondering, he has MUCH bigger feet than John Wayne. John laughed at this when he was setting his feet in the cement. Wayne, in turn, laughed for the next ten years as John struggled before making a bunch of talking baby films.
Travolta signed his square and wrote "Ted, it's great to be here, Thanks!"
The Ted he is referring to was owner of the theater Ted Mann.


  1. Travolta and Talking Babies. What a deadly combo.

  2. Sluggo8/08/2005

    Pulp Fiction baby!

  3. Astros Slugger Morgan Ensberg8/08/2005

    Yeah I guess Joey Travolta has his hands in cement too. But thats because he is working at a construction site now.

    Whooo! I hit that one outta the park!

  4. Hand Washer of the Dead8/15/2005

    I remember my first trip to Hollywood. I found these hand prints and all i could think of was what it must have been like to wash those hands. So I got a shovel.

  5. Bad Poster8/15/2005

    John Travolta is at Grauman's Chinese Theater. You should mention that.