Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The theaters on Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Blvd. is full of movie theaters. Almost every block of the famed Walk of Fame, which stretches from La Brea to Gower, features another movie house. Some are ordinary, both Mann and AMC have multiplexes here, but others are one of a kind. Those 'one of a kind' theaters are the ones we feature today:

Grauman's Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Easily the most famous movie theater in the world, this ornate structure is one of the most famous BUILDINGS in the world. In the front courtyard the handprints and footprints of many Hollywood notables are left in the cement, along with the chewing gum of some sloppy moron whose momma never taught him any manners. the interior is just as ornate as the exteriors and the screen is HUGE.

El Capitan
6838 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
The El Capitan is owned by Disney and home to the Jimmy Kimmel show. There is also a gorgeous movie house, usually showcasing the latest Disney film. Sometimes when there is no movie showing, employees will just point to Kimmel and say "Kids, look! It's Dopey of the Seven Dwarves!"
Then everyone laughs. Except for that one time when one of the employees accidentally called Kimmel "Sleepy." No one ever saw that employee alive again.

Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
This was the first theater built by Sid Grauman, who later built Grauman's Chinese Theater. The theater is featured in the movie Jimmy Hollywood. In that film, the interior was shown to be decayed and falling apart. The theater was scheduled for demolition not long after production ended.
Instead of being destroyed, however, the theater was purchased by a group of investors including Steven Spielberg.
The renovation went well, but would have taken less time if Spielberg hadn't been constantly stopping construction saying "Hey! This isn't how they did it in the movie The Money Pit!"
The theater runs mostly art house films today. The interior now features a state-of-the-art modern style.


Arclight Hollywood
6360 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA
I know, it is not on HOLLYWOOD BLVD., but it is a block away and AWESOME. This is the famed Cinerama-dome is a large geodesic dome that used to house a single huge screen. Today it houses a few smaller screens and prides itself as an upscale cinema. Hit films play, as do independent and art films. I just hope that guy keeps his chewing gum AWAY from the dome!


  1. Anonymous10/19/2004

    Great Marquee on El Capitan!! Bunchojunk deserves that Hollywood Star, too!

  2. Anonymous10/19/2004

    Great stuff, I like the look of the CINERAMA-DOME!

  3. Anonymous10/21/2004

    Interesting, I had no idea the Chinese Theater was STILL around!

  4. Anonymous10/21/2004

    That dome sounds AWESOME!