Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Katie: Pink Ranger

A bunchojunk.com children's story
Katie woke up to the sound of crackling bacon.

She reached over to her hi-fidelity, quadrophonic, auto-reverse karaoke machine and stopped the cassette.

The bacon sounds stopped.

She ejected the cassette and placed it in it's snug plastic case, labeled: Frank Sinatra Duets... and Bacon Noises.

Kate walked to the calendar on the door to see what day she had ahead of her.

"Oooh" she cooed "PINK DAY!"

SMACK! The door swung violently against her head. It was Emalio, her live-in housekeeper/blackjack dealer, standing there in his neatly pressed apron. The apron was embossed with the phrase "Kiss the Cook... and the housekeeper/blackjack dealer."

He looked behind the door at Katie's lifeless body and sang "Katie! Wake up your Fiddle Faddle is ready!"

Then Emalio jumped out the window, onto the lawn, to play with the possums.

Two hours later Katie regained conciousness. She smiled at the calendar and purred "Pink Day!"
Ten minutes later Katie stumbled down the steps clad in her pink Banana Republic Safari outfit, complete with pink khaki shorts, a pink bow tie and her pink, plastic, pretty plaid and polka dotted pith helmet.

She walked over to her pile of car keys on the dining room table and grabbed the one labeled "pink key."

NOTE: Be sure to pronounce this as TWO words; "Pink... key" as opposed to "Pinky" as in the small finger or the female ghost in Pac Man.

Then she got into her pink car and drove to the park where she worked as a ranger.

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