Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Psycho Press Release

Our team has uncovered the following press release not yet available to the public.

(PRWEB) October 37, 2004 -- “I Wanna Be A Psycho”—a reality show involving 5 American and 5 Canadian would be Norman Bates, focuses on creating 10 successful knife wielding lunatics - then letting an off duty police officer shoot them. Through teamwork, technology, acting, and dead old ladies, these 10 individuals will live together in a small hotel off the highway. After the first season, these 10 contestants form the advisory committee and assist the next group of 10 future Psychos to reinforce a powerful prime time show. Oh wait, we said we were going to shoot them. Uh... maybe he will just shoot them in the leg.

“I Wanna Be A Psycho” looks at the systemic problems with being insane. Many of the traditional psychotic opportunities no longer exist. People used to be allowed to hang around that creepy uncle who asked you if you 'ever let your Barbies have a tea party naked.' Today, such behavior is frowned upon, but NBC is about to change that.

Based on the movie of the same name “I Wanna Be A Psycho” will put people into the shoes of Norman Bates and Marion Crane, but not the Norman Bates and Marion Crane played by Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins.
Insted they will be playing the Norman Bates and Marion Crane played by Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche in the 1998 remake. When we asked the producer how that would make any difference to the show he said "Hey, I'm not a producer, I am just a guy waiting for a bus."
Once the bus arrived, the driver asked "When did this stop being a press release and start being an investigative report?" After that we just cried and cried.

So, that's the press release. I don't know about you but I have a headache!


  1. What the hell is this? With all the sad state of affairs in this country now they are making a Psycho reality show? I thought we were already doing that by voting for those clowns next Tuesday!! The one looks like Herman Munster and the other one looks like Eddie Munster!!! Some day the proper authorities will catch up with you Guy Sweetie...and I hope they hit you with the full extent of the law!!! You Sick SOB!!!

  2. Wait! You mean Psycho WASN'T real?