Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jason Alexander: Pitchman

If you are a Youtube junkie, you know how it happens... your video ends and you click on a "related video" that is barely "related" and soon you find yourself watching dozens of clips on a subject you would have never searched for.

It happened to me recently with Seinfeld's Jason Alexander. After watching a clip about the sitcom I got sucked into the world of Jason Alexander: Pitchman. Like a cross between Billy Mays and Mr. Jansley (my neighbor... he looks a lot like Jason Alexander) Jason would sell and sell and sell. It didn't matter if it was beer or bail bonds, he would sell it. Even if it was as stupid as telling people to put soup in their hamburgers Jason would do it.

And you would like it.

The first one I saw was this classic for McDonalds:

He sings and dances and speaks like a crazy game show host as he sells us on the absurd concept of keeping your lettuce cold during the 10 second trip from the McDonald's counter to your table.

Then I saw this one where a young Jason plays a high school stud. Also in the commercial is a fake cowboy and a vaudevillian. The title says 1981, but judging by Jason's look I bet it's a few years older. Judging by the vaudeville humor, perhaps it's from 1920:

Getting a start in commercials is sufficient for most celebrities, but not Jason. He kept pitching, even when Seinfeld was on the air! He did many commercials for Rold Gold pretzels:

What a funny commercial! And it confirmed my theory that George Costanza had no male genitalia.

I also spotted this gem:

What a performance by Jason as he sports an oven mitt and the funniest pair of pants I have ever seen.

Here is a beer commercial where Jason plays background to Yogi Berra:

This was back when Yogi's "pretend to be stupid" gimmick was cute. Now he seems like a sad, senile old man when he does it.

And finally, Jason goes to jail:

I bet the guards helped him keep his "hot side hot" and his "cold side cold."

Wait, that makes no sense... I gotta go put some soup in my burgers.

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  1. Jason Alexander7/15/2009

    Great stuff! I hate that actor. He was always such a dork on Seinfeld. I did think Kramer was funny.

    BTW, I am not the Jason Alexander from Seinfeld. I am the one that married Britney Spears in 2004.