Thursday, January 27, 2005

You’ll Never Weiz in This Town Again

Last October The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. in fabulous Hollywood California had a peculiar paint job. In giant letters it read “My Son Is Not Dead.”

It seems like a strange announcement to make, but it is a little clearer when you realize who owner Mitzi Shore’s son is: Pauly Shore.

…and he’s not dead. Pauly is very much alive.

Now, I know you want to make the joke “he may not be dead, but his career is!” Well, you’re too late. Pauly beat you to that joke and he made it funnier than you could have. But don’t pout, just substitute Chevy Chase and move on.

Pauly’s new movie "Pauly Shore Is Dead" is all about the death of his career and it is one of the funniest most original films I have ever seen.

Appearing briefly on movie screens in California, New York and (for reasons I don’t fully understand) Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia, the film is now on home video.

The film starts off with a Charlie Sheen cameo and a short bio of Pauly. Then we see Pauly’s life in 1997. Things look pretty good for the Weizel. He is surrounded by friends as he watches the debut of his doomed Fox sitcom. Soon, the show is cancelled and Pauly is forced to sell his house to Carrot Top.

Depressed and broke, Pauly is visited by the ghost of Sam Kinison. Sam tells Pauly to kill himself so he can become a legend.

A gunshot later and Pauly is the biggest star in Hollywood. MTV runs a 24 hour tribute and the Weizel is on the cover of every magazine. The only problem is he isn’t really dead.

The movie is a bizarre laugh riot full of cameos from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Pauly spends time in jail with Tommy Lee, Todd Bridges and Heidi Fleiss. Britney Spears, Ellen Degeneres, Chris Rock, Pam Anderson and Ben Stiller react to his death. Sean Penn talks about his desire to work with Pauly.

The cameos come so often and are such big names that it makes your head spin. Some celebrities show up to mock their own stalled careers. Remember that Rico Suave video? Well, he shows up, still wearing the same headband. Only instead of dancing and pointing at pretty girls, he is selling oranges on the side of the road.

This brings me to another question, why oranges? I always see these guys selling oranges, candy and flowers. I understand the candy and flowers, as they are impulse items, but oranges? Why not sell cans of soup or Doritos? Why oranges?

I may never know. Anyway, as for "Pauly Shore is dead," I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes or HATES Pauly Shore.
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  1. Anonymous1/27/2005

    A movie with Tommy Lee Jones AND Todd Bridges?? I am sooooooooooooo there!!!


    Posted by Mr. Freeze

  2. Anonymous1/27/2005

    Yike, I am not sure all the cameos in the world could make me watch Pauly Shore. 

    Posted by staplegun

  3. Anonymous1/27/2005


    What's the Duff level in this film? 

    Posted by Not Enough Duff

  4. Anonymous1/27/2005

    More like Pauley Shore is OSCAR!! 

    Posted by Gene Shalitt

  5. Anonymous1/27/2005

    Gene Hackman is so cool Pauley Shore kills him. 

    Posted by Gene O'Hack

  6. Anonymous1/27/2005

    Pauley Shore is so cool Gene Hackman kills him!! 

    Posted by Pauley O'Shore

  7. Anonymous1/27/2005

    This actually sounds pretty funny! 

    Posted by HatMatt71

  8. Anonymous1/28/2005

    Oranges smell good. Why not? 

    Posted by Nettie