Friday, December 02, 2011

Stuff in my Amazon Cart

I love Amazon. I buy everything there. But often I am clicking through the site and I spot something that I would like I put it in my "cart" but never complete the purchase.

Then it sits in there. Like a sad to do list of assorted media.

Eventually I buy some of it, but much of it still waits. It makes me think of that claw machine scene from Toy Story. It also makes me think of Benji... but pretty much everything makes me think of Benji. I love that dog

Here are some of the items in my cart right now:

The Encyc-RAW-pedia CD-Rom:
Wow, this is weird. Do you think a bunch of wrestling executives were in a conference room and created this absurdity? How did that happen? I bet it was something like this:

Executive 1: Let's put out a WWF encyclopedia CD-Rom!
Executive 2: No! Let's put out an encyc-RAW-pedia CD-Rom! Hahaha!
Executive 1: I slept with your wife.

Stoogemania VHS:
I vaguely remember reading about this and putting it in my cart. It was a movie designed to cash in on a Stooge resurgence in the 1980s. Its a low budget movie about a guy who likes The Three Stooges. I just glanced at the wiki page and it made my brain hurt. Stupid movie.
Still, I am leaving it in my cart.

Vans: The Personality Vehicles:
A book about sweet custom vans! This looks so awesome. What a strange time the 1970s were. This book looks like it belonged in the "Young Adult" section.
I like the little bit of tape in the corner. That's probably where they Dewey Decimal number was.
I am a bit confused by the "IRP" on the back tire cover.
I am going to pretend that the van was owned by a guy who called himself Wyatt Irp.

Anyway, this stuff is still in my cart. Waiting.

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