Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Don't Kiss Her Grits After Midnight

Hey look! Polly Holliday, TV's Flo, is in Gremlins!

She plays the mean old rich lady that hates the dog.

Mrs. Deagle ends up being launched through her roof on some handicap stair climber.

I never connected that that was the same lady that came to the bank with a broken snowman head. Likely because she didn't have her red wig on.


  1. You must listen to smodcast too. When I heard them mention TV's Flo, I was like "She was in Gremlins?"

  2. Yep! That's why I watched the movie last night! Glad to see you are still around the blog-o-sphere!

  3. Thanks. My blog is long dead but I'm still around.

    It's nice to see some new articles. I'm too slow for Twitter. By the time I see something to comment on it's already a day old and for Twitter that's ancient history.