Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art is stupid

The other day I was at an event at Citizen's Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

I was waiting in a line which meant I had to stare at that painting for 47 minutes. Or something I wasn't counting.

Just look at this awful thing. Everyone has tiny heads and Kim Kardashian sized rumps.

BTW, that's a total shot in the dark on the spelling of her last name. If it's wrong, then imagine I have a similarly named friend who also has a huge caboose.

Just look at that rear end! Seriously! This dude enters a room in the morning and his butt gets there at lunchtime.

I like that the little smoke detector thingie looks like a parolee ankle bracelet.

By the way, the reason I was in line was to see Santa, this Santa:

Now THAT is what I call art... and he has a big butt too.


  1. You know what would be awesome? If Evil Knievel jumped over that painting while that big baseball player was jumping over the guy sliding into second and it occured during the 11th inning of Game 7 of the World Series and the Kardishan sisters and your friend who spells their name the same way was there? That would be Swwwweeeetttt!

  2. Could you imagine if that was a picture of Hilary Duff? Before she had giant teeth and dyed her hair? Back in 2004, when there were 156 articles on this site? What a time!

  3. Oh my.... they have returned!