Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Google image search for "two"

Have you ever done a search for images on Google? It's fun! You just type a keyword and hundreds of photos come up that have some remote connection with that word.

In honor of TWO years of this stupid little site, I typed the word "two" into Google.

These are some of the photos I found:

Image Hosted by

Some great stuff here. First we have an aerial photo of the town of Gossi. The text says it is "halfway between the two..." if only we knew how THAT thought ended.

I am going to imagine that Gossi is "halfway between the two jackasses that invented Ticketmaster."

Note that the Gossi photo is provided by a website called I assume they are trying to save them from paying absurd 'convenience charges' on 'will call' tickets.

To the right of that is the two tier cat basket. Sadly we don't have two cats. We do have two dogs, however. They could use the basket, but I bet they would both fight over the top bunk.

Then we have a child's drawing brought to us by some school. It's not a very good school I assume. See the cartoon reads "two heads are better than one" and shows some hideous abomination with two craniums. The caption, however, reads "two left feet." Stupid schools.

The next two photos are both fascinating. Sure the two raccoons on the left are a barrel of fun by themselves, but put them next to a DVD of what looks like the worst action film DVD ever produced and you have image search MAGIC!

Here are some more results:
Image Hosted by

First we have a photo of a Pakistani city RAVAGED by protesters. The image of Col. Sanders reminds me of the posters of Chairman Mao.

Viva la extra crispy!

Holy Ida Lupino! The next photo is of a cat with TWO tongues! It seems that his name is "Five Toes." That's actually a good idea, people will be looking for his extra toe and then BIGGETY BAM! He reveals a SECOND TONGUE! That'll freak ya out!

Hubba hubba! Look at the next photo! Sasha Cohen may have fell "two" time and only earned silver, but she gets the gold with me. I think I will have to watch more figure skating.

The football player flexing his steroid... er... muscle is a gift for the female readers. Both of them.

The last row is a tough one. Type two diabetes makes me sad. Two moose always make me smile.

Well, gotta run and see if figure skating is on TV.