Thursday, March 16, 2006 enters THE TERRIBLE TWOS

Welcome to the two year anniversary of "junk" on the web. Yup, we hit our terrible twos.
To celebrate we have some special features all week (kinda like last year.,) so check back daily for new stuff. Plus I am making a cake. You can't have any, though. You're probably better off.

Number of words: 189,357
Number of articles: 216
Times the word “the” appeared: 17,788
Times the word “Hollywood” appeared: 211
Number of poems about Kelly Ripa: 1
Number of times I mentioned that "Full House" & "Dukes of Hazard" have an "Uncle Jesse": 2
Number of articles about Tom Bosley films: 2
Times the concept of "glow in the dark bacon" was mentioned: 1
Number of unnecessary links to other posts: 101

Make sure to check back tommorow. I will be posting comments all week, and adding a few other features as well.

Thanks again for stopping by for the past year!

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  1. Thanks again for stopping by all year. It really means something to know so many other people are reading this stuff. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it.

    BTW, we had 70 comments last year! Let's try and top that. Just type "lol" every few hours if you have nothing to add.

  2. lol (just practicing for later.)