Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Watch Pocket

We have all seen one. Every single pair of jeans seems to have one. But NO ONE needs one.

It's the watch pocket. A tiny little flap of denim right over our left jeans pocket.

Seems odd that they still include these in the design of the jeans. In fact, I can't fathom a time where fancy pocket watches and dungarees would ever have been a match made in heaven.

But they must have been. Some time in the old west cowboys must have got off their horse, spit into a spittoon and looked at their pocket watches.

COWBOY ONE: Time for a spot of tea?
COWBOY TWO: Your jeans don't match your watch. Or your petticoat.

Today, we have little use for the little pocket. Sometimes I throw a few quarters in it, maybe a ticket stub. But I bet few use the pocket for a pocket watch today.

I don't rule out a comeback, though. The pocket continues to be produced. With cell phones getting smaller maybe soon we can fit them into that pocket.

By the way, why do we say cell phone? I thought "cell" was short for cellular. Aren't phones digital now? Why don't we say "digi phone?" Why don't they make Spaghettios with sausage?

So many questions, so many Google results.


  1. What's in your watch pocket?

  2. Anonymous11/29/2005

    I never knew what that pocket was for before now. What would we do without you Sweetie and your bunch of junk?

    I don't put anything in that pocket because I can never get it out again. I guess that's why pocket watches had those chains on them.

    So remember, a watched pocket never... um.. something something.

  3. I keep my lighter in there. I do have some jeans without em and it seems odd.

  4. I keep my picture of Secretary of State Victor Anthony in that pocket.

  5. Anonymous11/30/2005

    Hey! So do I!