Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Coloring Book: Thanksgiving

"Stuffed Turkey."

Get it?

He's stuffed! But not with stuffing. Well, maybe stuffing. The only thing we can be sure he ate is a jar of mustard.

However, he SEEMS to have emptied the entire Westinghouse.

Now he's westing. Get it? Like how a cartoon turkey might say "resting." Oh, and Westinghouse is a company that sells refrigerators.

I am quick with the jokes. I can make funnier jokes than "stuffed turkey."

I wouldn't joke about this turkey, he's hardcore. He ate everything in the FREEZER!!! The FREEZER! Without letting it sit and defrost, I bet.


  1. For more information on Westinghouse and mustard visit your local library.

  2. Cute. I made this my desktop background.

  3. I wonder how the left over frozen potato salad from 4th of July tasted.

  4. At least it wasn't "mounted turkey."

  5. That Turkey sure is a Glutton, whic is one of the 7 deadly sins. So the basic message from this coloring book is that the turkey is going to hell.

  6. I once boxed a turkey. Man they don't punch as hard as a Kangaroo, but they sure can take a punch. I beat this turkey up pretty good, considering he did zero training for the match. Just ate continously.

  7. Why is the freezer door open? Does the turkey keep his mustard in the freeze?

    Also did the Turkey just over eat? He also seems drunk to me.

    I think he should also have a gambling problem, too. That way this would have all the vices.

  8. You can tell the turkey is probably bulimic by the "what have I done" look on his face.