Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Godzilla takes Hollywood

After 50 years of smashing model buildings and thrilling millions of movie fans Godzilla is on the Walk of Fame. Godzilla joins 2,200 other notable stars on 'The Walk' including Bob Hope, John Wayne, Ann B. Davis and Big Bird.

Godzilla was on hand for the unveiling of the new star in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Tsutomo Kitagawa, the actor who wears the rubber suit in the latest film was also in the suit on Hollywood Blvd.

The new flick Godzilla: Final Wars opens on December 4 in Japan.

The film is the 28th Godzilla movie produced by Toho.
The first film featured Raymond Burr as Steve Martin. Really!!! That was the name of his character. I bet some rejected casting choices were: Jimmy Stewart as Billy Baldwin, Eric Von Strohiem as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Fess Parker as Carrot Top.

Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant presided over the ceremony.

"I do hereby proclaim this 'Godzilla Day in Hollywood'," Grant told the crowd. "He's loose, he's wild, and I'm getting the hell out of here."

Godzilla later posed for pictures and blew smoke at the crowd.

In case you are wondering, the Walk of Fame is not all that selective when it comes to who is honored. The honoree has to pay the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce $15,000 and then show up at the ceremony.

Incidentally, Roland Emerich and Dean Devlin (makers of the 1998 big budget American version of Godzilla) took the occasion to announce that they will be producing a more expensive, state-of-the-art version of Godzilla's Walk of Fame star that everyone will hate.


  1. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

  2. Look at how small Godzilla looks next to ordinary people!!!!!! That is soooo funny!

  3. Anonymous11/30/2004

    Guy Who Looks Like Tsutomo Kitagawa said:

    I like The Godzilla films, except for the Third one. I don't think Sofia Coppola was very good in it. Or was that Godfather?

  4. Anonymous12/01/2004

    Awesome, very awesome!

  5. Man, I was hoping you would put Godzilla up soon!

  6. Cute story! Hollywood looks AWESOME!

  7. Godzilla
    The tokyo killa
    my thrilla
    King Kong is cool too.
    Peace out YO!

  8. Your website is a HOOT!

    I loved the G films when I was a kid, but I HATED that remake in 1998!

  9. Gene Hackman is so cool that model buildings destroy him.

  10. Godzilla....More like OSCARzilla

    Go see National Treasure or should I say....National OSCAR!!

  11. How the hell did Godzilla get a star on the Hollywood Blvd, while the Walk of Fame committee ignores Hilary Ann Lisa Duff????? Hilary is a real person, first off, so she already has that advantage over Godzilla. Second, she's a tripe threat. You could give her a star for her film work, television work, singing career, radio work or all 4. SHE'S THE FEMALE SINATRA FOLKS!! GET USED TO IT!!!!!

    Godzilla only did films 20 years ago!! This is ridiculous!!! I hate Hollywood.

  12. Not Enough: What is your obsession with Hilary Duff that you feel she's need a star on Hollwyood Blvd? She's only 17!! She hasn't a long career that Godzilla has. They are not remaking her films yet, like they are with Godzilla. She may be talented, but demanding a star now is crazy!! Why do you continue to fight for this???

  13. To much Duff: The reason I fight on this blog (and elsewhere) for my gal Hilary is simple.

    In the 1950s they came for Sandra Dee and I did nothing. In the 1960s they came from Annette Funicello and I did nothing. In the 1970s they went after Susie Patridge and I did nothing. In the 1980s they went after both Tifany AND NIA Peeples and yet I did nothing. In the 1990s I stood by while they went after Brittney. If I don't stand up for Hilary Duff, who will take a stand when they come for me?

  14. Sweetie, do you know when Mothra will get a star on Hollywood Blvd?

  15. I must be the only person that likes the 1998 US version of Godzilla. Especially the part where Godzilla is tied up in the bridge and as she is dying says "Bueller!!"