Tuesday, July 24, 2007

John Adams: First President in the White House

John Adams, Jr. served as America's first Vice President (1789–1797) and as its second President (1797–1801). Adams was also the 1st President to reside in the newly-built White House in Washington, D.C..

It should be noted that although he was the first to reside in the White House he was NOT the first to "take a tinkle" in the White House. This was due to the White Out House being separate from the main house. Indoor plumbing was not installed in the White House until James Buchanan's term over 50 years later.

Despite the lack of indoor plumbing any historian's credit 68 year old William Henry Harrison with being the first President to exudate in the White House. But, that was an accident and all three times it was promptly mopped up.

Anyway, Adams was a sponsor of the American Revolution in Massachusetts. As part of his sponsorship deal, the soldiers wore his logo on their jackets and several of them appeared in his commercials.

He was a leader of the independence movement in 1776. Jefferson called him the "Colossus of Independence" which, oddly enough was pro wrestler Steve Austin's nickname (in between "The Ringmaster" and "Stone Cold."

As a statesman and author, he helped define a set of core republican ideals that became central to America's political value system. But enough about Stone Cold, let's get back to talking about John Adams.

As President, Adams was frustrated by battles inside the Federalist party. But he did his best to unite them. Once they were fighting about how the party name should be pronounced. Adams and others felt it should be Federal-ist. The rest of the party thought it should be Federa-list. So Adams painted "Federal" on one cheek and "list on the other. Then he mooned everyone. It was a compramise they could live with and laugh at.

Fun Facts about John Adams:

During his term the Library of Congress was established.

Mrs. Adams would hang her laundry in the East Room to dry.

John Adams was a second cousin to Samuel Adams, and a third cousin to his wife, Abigail Smith Adams.

Fun Facts I just made up about John Adams:

Got a full face tattoo (like Mike Tyson) after leaving office.

Wore fancy pants every day of the week. People would always holler "hey, fancy pants" when they saw him.

Once laughed so hard milk came out of his nose. Oddly enough this was 14 years before milk was invented.

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