Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mister Rogers soaks his feet

Like most kids, I grew up watching Mister Rogers.

When I was a teenager I started to look back at those shows and was fascinated. That's when I became a FAN of Fred Rogers.

Over the years, I have watched the show occasionally. I have also read many of the books that Fred wrote before he died.

The show is still on daily, on local PBS stations and on some of the PBS cable stations.

Watching the show as an adult is interesting. Sometimes it's touching, other times it's dull, and sometimes it is unintentionally HYSTERICAL.

The other day PBS aired an episode from 1993. The description in the TV Guide said "Mister Rogers relaxes by soaking his feet."

That was the whole plot.

Mister Rogers told us his feet were sore, so he went to the yard and stuck them into a kiddie pool. Francois the police officer stops by.

Why does the Mister Rogers neighborhood NEED a police officer? Is there any crime here? I can't imagine.

Still, with the EASIEST police beat in the county Francois has sore feet!

So now, two men are soaking their feet together.

Mister Rogers tells Francois that he was telling his "television friends" about ways we can say "I love you." He asks Francois how HE says "I love you."

Maybe I am a prude, but this doesn't seem like proper foot-soaking conversation.

It does to Francois, however, who breaks into song.

As their feet soak.

Yup. Soakin' and singin'.

Francois finishes his song and Mister Rogers says "I'm very proud of you."

Realizing that he should probably get back to PRETENDING to police a crime free area, Francois takes off.

Not before, of course, Mister Rogers helps him dry his feet.


  1. Any other Mister Rogers fans out there? Don't be shy.

  2. I have never seen an episode of Mr. Rogers, but I am a big Sesame Street fan. Does that count?

  3. Anonymous2/22/2006

    Hot Dogs! Get your hot dogs here! Can't make a joke about the soak without a hot dog!

  4. I remember an episode where Mister Rogers tried to revive a dead fish by putting it in a glass of water and pouring a bunch of salt in the glass. He kept insisting that this would perk the fish right up while he swirled the glass. Then the camera focused on the fish in the glass for the next five minutes.

    Nothing happened.

  5. Anonymous2/27/2006

    Today I woke up and took a pee. I peed on the seat on purpose, and then left the seat up. Becky came in to take a crap, and she fell in the toilet. Then, when she put the seat down, she sat in my pee. She asked me why I did that...and then she realized I was Uncle Jesse. Then she went and sat in the pee again. Then I bleached the laces for my white tennis shoes. They got really clean, so I took the bleach and spelled out "butt-lord" on Danny Tanner's front lawn. Then I went back to my house and built a snowman with really sweet hair. It was summer, so there wasn't any snow, but I made Joey Gladstone go to the zoo and buy me 40,000 snow cones. I ate some Chef Boyardee "Dinosaurs with meatballs." Everyone thinks that they stopped making them, but the truth is that I just bought them all. Then I went over to Jimmy Buffet's house and stole all of the Flintstone's Push-Pops out of his freezer. Then, I took a huge dump on his lawn and farted on his guard dog. I went home and put on my leather pajamas with the rhinestones and the fringes. I looked at myself in the mirror and got a raging boner. Then I watched every episode of The Cosby Show and went to bed. Tomorrow, I'm going to the Video Game Exchange to trade in the Game-Gear that Becky bought me (cause she is lame) for a Nintendo Power Glove.