Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Worst Photo Ever

Take a look at that. Aside from my face being digitally covered, it is a pretty good photo.

However, under that white box lies something so horrific that mere mortals tremble at the very sight of it.

It is the worst photo ever.

This was taken at a charity walk. That is me in the center, flanked by two Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders. Don't they look fantastic?

I look pretty good, too. Sure, I am wearing sweatpants, but I was walking for charity.

What could possibly be so bad about my face in this photo?

Please remove small children and anyone with a heart condition from the room.

Take a look.

I have no idea why I made THAT face!

Did the cheerleaders just break wind?
That would explain it, but I don't think so.
Did an old lady just knee me in the groin and then take my photo?
Possibly, but I think I would remember that.
Did someone make a sassy comment leading me to say "oh snap" and the photographer merely captured me as I uttered "oh?"
Perhaps, but I doubt it.


I know that there are some pretty vile photos in existence. Wars have been captured on film, blood and destruction have been photographed and I bet somewhere, someone is taking a picture of the horrible sight of an innocent child buying into a worthless mutual fund.

Still, this is EVEN WORSE.


  1. Yikes. But, don't loose any sleep over it. My friend Geezer fixed it in Photoshop.

  2. Don't LOSE sleep either. Duh.

  3. Anonymous10/25/2005

    You know what would have made this an AWESOME picture? If Evel Knievel was jumping over you and the cheerleaders, while you had that awful look on your face. Then when he landed, I think you would be so impressed that you would immediately smile and take a much better picture. Oh man that would be SSSSSSSWWWWEEEETTT!!!

  4. Anonymous10/25/2005

    I haven't seen a face like that since pounded on Kylie the Kangaroo in our 8 round match, man I was razor sharp, B.

  5. Anonymous10/25/2005

    I like my version. And thanks for the advice about not loosing sleep. I let that guy out of his cage once and it look me three days to get him back in there.

  6. Anonymous10/25/2005

    I saw the whole thing! This happened. Then this.
    I am so glad to hear you are feeling better, Sweetie.

    This is the lousy photoshoppin' of Todd.

  7. You guys are funny. I am impressed.

  8. Anonymous10/26/2005

    Maybe it's art.

  9. I hope Gore isn't talking about me! I don't like the way he is gesturing with his hands.

  10. Anonymous10/26/2005

    I was just showing everone the size of the fish I had caught that weekend.