Friday, June 10, 2005

Unknown on the Walk of Fame: Vol. B, Part 6

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a series of bronze plaques imbedded in pink and black squares that run across Hollywood Blvd. (from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue) and on Vine Street (from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.)
The stars on the Walk honor not just movie stars, but radio, TV, & theater performers, directors, singers, magicians, and just about anyone remotely connected to Hollywood.
The stars are given in five categories: Motion Pictures, Television, Recording (singers, songwriters, etc.), Radio and Live Theater
The Walk started in 1960, and since then, over 2,000 stars have been added. Contrary to popular assumption, not all the stars are those of superstars. Many of them are of people that you have never heard of.
In this ongoing series we look at EACH and EVERY person who received this honor. You have probably heard of 2 or 3 of the people listed below. Others will sound vaguely familiar. Many will be completely unknown to everyone born after 1930. Hopefully, after today you will remember them forever.

This task seems never-ending. The B's seem insurmountable! I'm not sure if I should write B's or Bs. I prefer B's because Bs looks too much like B.S. Of course B's looks a little like the head of a drunken guy wearing glasses lying on his side.

Joan Blondell MP

Voluptuous blonde actress who starred in over 100 films from The Public Enemy in 1931 and Grease in 1978.

Monte Blue MP

Leading man from the days of silent films. In addition to silent films, he appeared in many talkies including Key Largo. I nominate Monte Blue for coolest name of all time.

Ann Blyth MP

Nominee for best Actress in a Supporting Role for Mildred Pierce (1945). She has a pleasant singing voice.

Betty Blythe MP

Betty was a star in silent films, but did not experience the same success in sound pictures. Still she continued working with small parts in everything from Abbott and Costello go to Hollywood and My Fair Lady.

Eleanor Boardman MP

Eleanor made 33 films from 1922-1935. Some titles included Sinners in Silk, Proud Flesh and Exchange of Wives all titles that sound like soft porn.

Humphrey Bogart MP

Legendary film star who starred in such films as Casablanca.

Mary Boland MP

Actress in 53 films including 1940's Pride and Prejudice.

John Boles MP

Actor in many films including the classic 1931 film Frankenstein.

Richard Boleslawski MP

Polish born actor who often wrote about the art of acting. I thought he had a cool name until I ran a spell check on his last name and they suggested I change it to “coleslaw”.

Ray Bolger MP
Ray Bolger TV

Vaudeville star best known for his part as the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. In addition to a star for motion pictures, Bolger has a star for TV. On the tube he starred in his own sitcom called "Where's Raymond?"
I hope they found him in the final episode. Maybe it was like that episode of “All in the Family” where everyone was looking for Archie, but he had just gotten drunk with his lodge buddies and slept in a hotel. Or it could have been like that movie Don't Say a Word where Britney Murphy played a crazy girl who helped Michael Douglas find his missing kid.
Of course, I think that kid had been killed. Or, maybe she found him alive. I don’t remember. I just remember that part when she kept saying “I’ll never tell, I’ll never tell.”
I think crazy chicks are hot.

Michael Bolton Rec

Easy listening musician known for such songs as "Said I Loved You...But I Lied" and "Can I Touch You... There".
Bolton actually started his career as a performer in the 1970s heavy metal band Black Jack.

Ford Bond Radio

Radio announcer from the golden age. Ford was also Dwight D. Eisenhower's radio and TV consultant. Hmmm, I think Ford Bond tops Monte Blue in the cool name competition. Sorry Monte.

Ward Bond TV

Star of TV's Wagon Train. Ward also played Bert the cop in It's a Wonderful Life. Ward Bond? Is that cooler than Ford Bond? Bond, Ward Bond. No, I prefer Ford. He reminds me of the epitome of cool, Ford Fairlane.

Beulah Bondi MP

Also appeared in It's a Wonderful Life as Jimmy Stewart's mother. She also played Jimmy Stewart's mom in three other films.

Pat Boone Rec
Pat Boone TV

Famed musician who often performed on the Tonight Show.

Shirley Booth MP

Star of the TV show Hazel. Shirley also appeared in movies such as Hot Spell and Come Back Little Sheba.

Olive Borden MP

One of the most beautiful women of the silent film era. Olive had trouble getting roles in the 40s and died destitute.

Ernest Borgnine MP

Popular film actor who is still working today. Ernest has appeared in The Dirty Dozen, The Poseidon Adventure and BASEketball.

Frank Borzage MP

Two time Academy Award winning director, one of his most popular films was A Farewell to Arms.

Hobart Bosworth MP

A film pioneer, Bosworth worked in virtually every aspect of motion pictures. Among his credits is the only "Little Rascals" feature film General Spanky.

Clara Bow MP

Star of 58 films, mostly during the silent era. Clara Bow was the original "It Girl". Clara starred in the 1927 film It. People then started to refer to her as the It Girl.

Oh the B's keep on coming! Yikes!

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