Monday, June 27, 2005

Coloring Book: Bowling Nightmare

I found this page in a coloring book simply called "Jumbo Coloring Book". This impressive 500 plus page tome had few words and no underlying theme. It was as if you took a bunch of other coloring books ripped out the pages, threw them in the air, reassembled them and then faxed them to Oliver Stone.
Then, after Oliver got the fax, he called you and explained the drawings to the guy who draws Ziggy who then drew new cartoons from his description and then...

I think I lost my train of thought.

Oh well. I like this coloring book page because of its hard hitting social message. I see the ball like President Cleveland and the pins are either the congressional house reacting to his push for higher tariffs or a bunch of Miller Light long neck bottles.


  1. Or maybe this is what Pacman would have looked like if drawn by a re-re who spent too much time sniffing "lane oil".

  2. Staplegun6/28/2005

    Hysterical. I will get my crayons.

  3. Sorry that this one is a little late.

  4. Poor Mr. Cleveland. Poor poor Mr. Cleveland.