Friday, December 02, 2005

Bigg Mixx

Ahhhh, cereal. To a child perhaps no food is better. Because, it's ALMOST candy. It's not candy, but it sure seems like candy.

You also have a good chance of getting a toy in the box and a cartoon mascot on the box.

Few mascots have had the supernova effect that Bigg Mixx had. As spokesman for a cereal of the same name, Mixx was a big hit when he exploded on the cereal scene. Soon after he was gone without a trace.

Oh, Bigg Mixx where art thou?

The first place I looked was at my old video tapes. But after watching 4 episodes of Snorks, I tired of this method and instead took to the internet. Here is what I found:

According to Wikipedia:
Bigg Mixx was a short-lived Kellogg breakfast cereal introduced in 1990. The cereal was an assortment of other Kellogg brand cereals already in existence mixed together, commonly described as the result of cereals swept up off the Kellogg's factory floor.

This swept off the floor thing is no joke either. That seems to have been the marketing. Remember, cereal is sold to kids who are, by nature, filthy disgusting creatures and the early 1990s was a time of edginess.

Alternative rock, independent movies and unsanitary cereal. It was a golden age of edginess.

I also found 2 different boxes:




I also found this:

A Bigg Mixx plush! Aint he cute? Don't you just wanna give him a hug?

Also from Wikipedia:
The mascot, who went by the same name, was a cartoon character which combined the physical features of a chicken (lower body), wolf (face), moose (horns), and pig (snout) and was commonly depicted in commercials as being ravenously hungry. Plush Toys were available in addition to plastic trinkets found in boxes. Although the marketing proved more successful amongst target audiences than the cereal itself, the mascot was retired along with the cereal in 1992.

I'm ravenously hungry now. Perhaps I can drive into some small town and peruse the shelves in the back of some run down deli. Perhaps Bigg Mixx is still there. Old and stale, but still just 74 calories for 1/3 of a cup.


  1. Anonymous12/02/2005

    The only question that remains is which cereals were swept up to create Bigg Mixx? I think I need to buy a bunch of those snack packs and experiment.

  2. I will have to look on the diet site for an ingredient list.

  3. I pine away for Bigg Mixx. I got braces and my orthodontist told me I couldn't eat it anymore. Then, it disappeared. Much like many of my favorite TV shows back then...