Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Unknown on the Walk of Fame: Vol. A, Part 1

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most popular attractions in Southern California. It is most likely the most photographed sidewalk in the world.

The Walk of Fame is a series of bronze plaques imbedded in pink and black squares that run across Hollywood Blvd. (from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue) and on Vine Street (from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.)

The stars on the Walk honor not just movie stars, but radio, TV, & theater performers, directors, singers, magicians, and just about anyone remotely connected to Hollywood.

The stars are given in five categories:
Motion Pictures
Recording (singers, songwriters, etc.)
Live theater

The only person to receive a star in each of the five categories was singing-cowboy Gene Autry.

The Walk started in 1960, and since then, over 2,000 stars have been added. Contrary to popular assumption, not all the stars are those of superstars. Many of them are of people that you have never heard of. Today we take a look at some of those with the letter “A” and see who they were:

Bud Abbott Radio
Bud Abbott TV
Bud Abbott MP

One half of the famous duo Abbott and Costello. I don't remember which half he was.
Dear Abby Radio
Paula Abdul Rec

Here are the famous columnist (notice her star is not under her real name) and Paula Abdul, one time wife of Emilio Estevez.
Harry Ackerman TV

Harry Ackerman is a name you probably don't recognize. He was the Executive Producer of many TV shows including "Leave it to Beaver".
Art Acord MP

Art Acord starred in over 100 films, but don't feel too bad if you never heard of him. All of his films were made prior to 1930.
He was born in 1890 in Oklahoma, back when it was still Indian Territory. He was a western star and had the nickname "The Cowpuncher King".
He died in Mexico of cyanide poisoning, an apparent suicide. Friends of Acord, however, believe that he was murdered for having an affair with the wife of a Mexican politician.
Many of his films have been lost.
Roy Acuff Rec

Roy was a country music pioneer.
St. John Adela MP

This name doesn't belong here alphabetically, but since I am going directly off the list on the Walk of Fame website, I will keep it here.
This was a woman named Adela St. John (not the other way around) who contributed to the screenplays of "A Star is Born" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
Renee Adoree MP

Renee starred in over forty films including "Monte Cristo" in 1921. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 35.
Antonio Aguilar Rec

A famous singer (and actor) in Mexico. He received his star in 2001.
Brian Aherene TV

Despite getting a star for TV, Aherene was well known to movie audiences as well. He appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows including "A Night To Remember" and "Rawhide".
Philip Ahn MP

A Korean born actor, Ahn starred in over 100 films. He was best known for his portrayal of Master Kan in the TV series "Kung Fu".
St. John Al MP

Another person that is out of alphabetical order, his name is Al St. John. I am unsure why no one at the Walk of Fame website noticed that they had people with the first name SAINT on the Walk! Al was a silent film comic and starred in a bunch of "talkie" westerns.
Alabama Rec

Famed country music band.
Licia Albanese Rec

Licia is an Italian born singer, best known for her recording of "Madam Butterfly".

As you can see, we aren't even though the A's and we are awash in names of forgotten stars. To be continued.

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