Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A-Team Bad Guys Figures

I loved the A-Team as a kid. It was about the coolest thing imaginable. 

Explosions, guest stars, crazy Murdock and Mr. T. It was a dream show for a 10 year old.

Eventually they put out a set of action figures. I looked at them in the toy store. I hated them.

They just looked so lame. Why are they wearing these weird single color jumpsuits? Where are B.A.'s chains? Murdock's bomber jacket? Hannibal's disguises? Face's... uh... ordinary preppie clothes. 

So I didn't buy em.

At the time.

I waited several decades so I could pay much more for them on eBay.

Regardless, they had a second set of figures:

The "bad guys". What the hell is this? I get that you need villains for the good guys to fight but these clowns?
Cobra? Good grief. He looks like John Oates. Why are there bite marks on the bottom of his vest?

What happened?

Viper? What is this? Looks like he may be an extra in a Heidi film. 

Python looks slightly intimidating.... at a glance. Then you realize it's essentially the guy on the Pringles can with ocular issues.
Rattler. Oh Rattler. Why are you winking at me? Why are you wearing feathers? Why do you have a flat head?
The world will never know care.

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