Tuesday, December 11, 2012

7UP Santa Advent Calendar

Here's a neat little holiday tradition I learned about on a recent Adventure Club Podcast:

These were pretty popular over the years. I found many different sites online. This particular one seems to have been released in 1988 (but that may not have been the first time it was released.)

The idea is pretty simple, you glue a cotton ball every day until Christmas. Print it and give it shot.


  1. I love this calender My 2nd son is going to be 7 in a couple weeks and I just now remembered about these super special calenders. They were one of my most favorite holiday traditions. I have to find one or make one to use this year. At the very least I will draw one myself but I am hoping to find one online to print out or take one of these old photos of the original and print that out and enlarge it or something. Has anyone else found anything close to the original? Holiday Lover and Mom krzykara@yahoo.com

    1. Anonymous12/19/2018

      Maybe you posted before the photo was added. It's there now!