Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Here's my Christmas village. I put Godzilla in it. I never get tired of it:

Anywhoo, I love Christmas. Love every second of it. My collection of decorations gets bigger and stupider every year.

In the kitchen I have a Festivus pole and one of those big dancing Santas. I gave him a Red Man tobacco fanny pack and a WWE Nexus hat:
I got a small tree in the hall with assorted Christmas knick knacks. My favorite is fishing Santa:

Happy Refrigerator Day! It's a reference to the holiday episode of the Henson TV show Dinosaurs:
 I have a crazy amount of stuffed animals wearing Santa hats. A few years ago I bought a tree just for them. I  just stuff them in the tree:
 I have a "home theater" which sounds silly to say. You wouldn't say you have a "home kitchen". Whatever you call it, the theater has a big tree and a little tree:

I got a great tacky little blue tree in my "home kitchen":
Finally, here is my living room tree. It's full of crazy ornaments:
Actually, that isn't everything. I have a fake fireplace that I didn't put up this year, a nativity set my the front door and assorted little things all around the house. Usually after Christmas it takes a few weeks before I am sure I got everything. There is always one or two I forget and notice in mid January.

Still, I always find more stuff I want. I saw this at a liquor store this week:

How cool is that! A crazy Heineken tree with ads for James Bond Skyfall.

I also saw these ornaments on eBay. I would love these:

Well, maybe Santa will get 'em for me!

Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson


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