Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where Dennis the Menace Lives

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This is from a Dennis the Menace coloring book.

See, that is his house... and up top is his room. Down at the bottom is his dog, but that's not labeled.

And, at the bottom right is Dennis' disembodied head.

I like this one. It shows us so much about the "The Menace" family. They have a centrally located fireplace and they run it when leaves are on the trees, so they either live in a cold climate or Mr. The Menace has some nefarious documents that he must burn.

We also learn that they have some absurdly large amount of windows. No wonder Dennis carries a slingshot.


  1. Does anyone remember the name of Dennis' dog?

  2. Don't look it up! I want to see if anyone knows... I don't remember.

    It could be Woofy...

  3. EVERYONE3/13/2008

    We don't know.

  4. I couldn't resist looking it up. I thought that maybe it was Woofy, so I went to Wikipedia to check. It turns out that wasn't the dog's name. Then I clicked a link to a different article and then another and another.

    Soon two whole days had past. I lost my job because I didn't show up and my house because I didn't have any money to pay for it. Now I live on the street and I can't get on the internet because all the other hobos have the computers at the public library reserved.

    So thanks a lot. And to top it off I forgot the dog's name. He does seem to have the same hairstyle as Dennis though.