Friday, January 25, 2008

The Uncatchable Water Snake

The Uncatchable Water Snake.

Unlike those 'easy to catch' real water snakes, this one is hard to catch. Unless you stumble into some run down deli to buy some smokes or baby food. Then there is a good possibility you can get this poorly made item that is not painted... but still should probably have a lead paint warning.

The Uncatchable Water Snake.

See, I only have one photo of this item so get used to it. I am going to have to show it again and again.

The Uncatchable Water Snake.


Anyway, I played with one of these when I was a lad. I remember it was called Mr. Wiggles. One of my cousins asked if I wanted to 'play with Mr. Wiggles' and being naive I thought Mr. Wiggles was some weird old guy in a trench coat.

After finding out Mr. Wiggles was a toy I agreed to play with him anyway. So we played catch... or should I say we played 'drop.'

Because this thing was impossible to get a grip on. Someone would toss it at you and you would try and hold onto it and it would wriggle around just like Rambo did when those cops tried to fingerprint him.

And so, Mr. Wiggles was my first brush with the toy that is now being sold as The Uncatchable Water Snake.

There it is. I like that the designers choose to decorate the box with butterflies and bumblebees rather than actual water snakes.

I also like that it is "SQUEEZABLE!" and "SAFETY!"

Most importantly, the good folks that make The Uncatchable Water Snake caution us: To avoid the sharp matter and point.

Ahhh, to think of all the time I have wasted avoiding The Noid and pinching 'an inch.'

I really love the box for The Uncatchable Water Snake.

But one thing puzzled me. It says "12 pcs"

At first I thought 'pcs' was short for 'pieces' but then I thought "How lazy do you have to be to abbreviate a word that's six letters long." And if you DO have to abbreviate it, why use HALF of the letters in the word.

No. It must mean something else. So I checked the Acronym Finder. The had 200+ options (you can just scroll down... there isn't a test):
Process of Setting *****
Patient Care Services *****
primary care services *****
Products and Services *****
Programme on Chemical Safety *****
Pest Control Solutions *****
Protocols and Services *****
President of Consumer *****
Professional Customer Service *****
Process Control Safety *****
Personal Computer Systems *****
Prevention Care and Support *****
Private Company Services *****
Private Christian School *****
Process Control Solutions *****
Pacific Crest Securities *****
Personal Counseling Services *****
Permanent Civil Service *****
Psychological Counseling Services *****
Parkview Center School *****
Printing and Copying Services *****
Public Communications Services *****
Pinckney Community Schools *****
Plainville Choral Society *****
Personal Communications Services *****
Project and Should *****
Power Control Systems *****
Pretty Cool Stuff *****
Parents and Children S *****
Powder Coated Steel *****
Placed on Calendar Senate *****
Production Control Software *****
Person Centered Services *****
Power Control System *****
Photonic Crystal Slabs *****
Primary Class Size ****
Personal Communications Service ****
Professional Civil Servants ****
Preferred Creditor Status ****
Proposed Committee Substitute ****
Procurement Contract Services ****
Pennsylvania Championship Series ****
Piedmont Chamber Singers ****
Peace Conflict Studies ****
Political Cartoon Society ****
Park City Solutions ****
Pastoral Care School ****
Programmable Control System ****
Psychology Community Services ****
Professional Career Services ****
Pathology Clinical Services ****
Postal Commemorative Society ****
Piqua City Schools ****
Polish Cardiac Society ****
Public Computing Services ****
Physics and Chemistry of Solids ****
Perma Chink Systems ****
Packet Construction Set ****
Potsdam Central School ****
Philosophy of Computer Science ****
Pendleton County Schools ****
Powertrain Control Solutions ****
Posts Camps and Stations ****
Public Commercial Services ****
Pool Cover Specialists ****
Personal Communications Systems ****
Polycom Conference Suite ****
Proportional Control System ****
Personal Cooling System ****
personal communication systems ****
Physics Computing Services ****
Pittard Campus School ****
Professional Communication Systems ****
Product Certification Scheme ****
Productivity Computer Solutions ****
Process Control Solution ****
Personal Counseling Service ****
Private Client Services ****
Program Component Score ****
Precision Computer Systems ****
Portable Computer Systems ****
Prattsburgh Central School ****
Pre Collision System ****
Position Classification System ****
Portland Customer Services ****
Personal Chef Service ****
Poor Customer Service ****
Product IN STOCK ****
Professional Conference Services ****
Port Command Successful ****
Professional Computer Services ****
Public and Commercial Services Union ****
Picture Communication Symbols ****
Providence College and Seminary ****
Professional Clubmakers Society ****
Projekt Controlling System ****
Providence Christian School ****
Public Charter School ****
Picture Coding Symposium ****
Peace and Conflict Studies ****
Professional Consulting Services ****
Peoria Christian School ****
Porsche Club Sverige ****
Professional Communication Society ****
Pre Crash Safety ****
Providence Classical School ****
Parallel Computing Systems ****
Pastoral Care Specialist ****
Personal Chef Services ****
Point Contact Spectroscopy ****
Philadelphia Classical Symphony ****
Patrick Computer Services ****
Performance Collection Software ****
Phoenix Computer Services ****
Primary Care Skills ****
Personal Connectivity Solutions ****
Pavement Condition Survey ****
Portable Character Set ****
Protection and Community Services ****
Population Communication Services ***
Peruvian Civil Society ***
Pro Card Systems ***
Personal Computer System ***
Professional Carpet Systems ***
Phone Companies Serving ***
Precision Computer Services ***
Physics Computer Science ***
Professional Cleaning Systems ***
Pre Computer Science ***
Pays for Covered Services ***
Primary Consulting Services ***
Parti Chretien Social ***
Production Control Services ***
Producer Compliance Scheme ***
Pre Collision Safety ***
Patient Clinical Summary ***
Portland Christian Schools ***
per carton size ***
Parts Components and Services ***
Pre Configured System ***
partition communication subsystem ***
Procedures and Conditions ***
Pest Control Supplies ***
Payment Clearing Services ***
Pitch Command System ***
Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy ***
Pride Communication Services ***
Physician Consultation Service ***
Punjabi Cultural Society ***
Pathetic Customer Service ***
People Creating Success ***
Premier Computer Solutions ***
Process Control Suite ***
Positive Christian Singles ***
Product Creation System ***
Patient Classification Systems ***
Preferred Client Services ***
Property Care Services ***
Pentagon Car Sales ***
Park Christian School ***
Pieces the Special ***
Prudential Cleanroom Services ***
Port Control System ***
Personal Computer Support ***
Portsmouth Christian School ***
Princeton Christian School ***
Process Computer System ***
Punch Card System ***
Position Classification Standards ***
Phillip C Showell ***
Plant Control Systems ***
Provincial Civil Services ***
Pollution Control Systems ***
Powerline Control Systems ***
Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Science ***
Plymouth Center School ***
Professional Chauffeur Services ***
Plus Compare or Save ***
Portland Center Stage ***
Premium Coal Samples ***
Percent of Sprint ***
Premier Consulting Services ***
professional conduct standards ***
Performance Control System ***
Personal Computing Systems ***
Personal Computer Services ***
Pastoral Counseling Services ***
Program and Clinical Services ***
Pear Coding Standards ***
Peacehaven Community School ***
Phone Card Store ***
Pneumatic Conveying Systems ***
Parkview Center School (Saint Paul, MN) ***
Permanent Changes of Station ***
Pierce College-Ft Steilacoom (Tacoma, WA) ***
Pine Crest School (Fort Lauderdale, FL) ***
Provide Custom Solutions ***
Practical Computer Solutions ***
Payment Control System ***
Potere Calorifico Superiore ***
Professional Clubmaker S ***
Prospective Cohort Study ***
pacific coast swimming ***
Personnal Communication Services ***
Pressure Core Sampler ***
Pre Clinical Skills ***
Professional Conference Systems ***
Pasture Condition Score ***
Professional Conference Series ***
Product Catalog SONY ***
Profile Cutting Systems ***
Projected Coordinate Systems ***
Professional Computing Solutions ***
Professional Care Service ***
Penguin Critical Studies ***
Providing Customer Satisfaction ***
Process Classification Scheme ***
Professional Credential Services ***
Personal Cutting System ***
Pullman Christian School ***
Project Counselling Service ***
Pursuit Combat Systems ***
Premium Customer Service ***
Princeton Charter School ***
Personal Computer Serial ***
Position Control System ***
Philippine Cancer Society ***
Professional Computer Systems ***
Preservation and Conservation Studies ***
Preferred Character Set ***
Plans Compare Sprint ***
Purchased Client Services ***
Pen Computer Systems ***
Personal Computer Solutions ***
Producer Compliance Schemes ***
Performance Consulting Services ***
Power Correction Systems ***
Patient Care Systems ***
Pneumatic Control System ***
Preferred Customer Service ***
Palau Conservation Society ***
Personal Cellular System ***
Portable Classroom Study ***
personal communication services/system ***
PTZ Camera Sony ***
Petroleum Card Services ***
Petroleum Contaminated Soils ***
Prices on Sprint ***
Pipeline Compliance System ***
Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore ***

I think they either meant 12 "per carton size" or 12 "pelvic congestion syndrome."

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