Friday, February 11, 2005

Kevin James' Big Sceen Debut

Kevin James has a new movie opening just in time for Valentines Day. It has been billed as his first movie. This isn't ENTIRLY true.

I have been a fan of "King of Queens" since I first caught it (in syndication) in 2003. The show is witty, the cast is great and the title is hysterical.

GET IT? King of Queens? It sounds like a gay tough man competition. They could run it on Bravo in between "Queer Eye" and "Boy Meets Boy". (As a side not when did Bravo become the 'gay channel'? I don't mind of course, some of my favorite channels are gay... I'm talking about you, CSPAN 2, come out of the closet!)

See, the comedy in the title "King of Queens" is that he lives in Queens, NY and being that there is no monarchy in any of New York's five boroughs, he couldn't POSSIBLY be King.

On the show Kevin plays Doug a package delivery guy with a super hot wife played by Lea Remini. Last season Leah got pregnant and had a baby. She is still carrying quite a few extra pounds and so the dynamic of the show has changed to 'he's fat, she is also fat but wears a big coat so you aren't supposed to notice.'

This past week Doug had their neighbor, Lou Ferrigno (played by Lou Ferrigno) tried to get them both in shape but ended up becoming addicted to video games. Yes, it is the greatest show ever aired on television.

Anyway, back to that whole movie debut thing. Ahhh wait, I have another story.

A few years before he got the "King of Queens" gig I saw Kevin do stand up in a club in Princeton, NJ. I even got to meet him afterwards. He seemed like a really nice guy, but the reason I remember his set so well was because IT WASN'T FUNNY!

I am a lousy judge of talent.

Anyway, after I saw "King of Queens" I realized Kevin was a comic genius, and I couldn't get enough of him.

One day I saw the trailer for the Adam Sandler movie "50 First Dates". In the trailer a series of women tell excuses that Sandler gave to them so that he could get away from them.

One segment featured Kevin and went (sort of) like this:

WOMAN: He told me he was gay.
KEVIN: He told me he was straight.

Actually, that isn't really how the line went. It was actually cut together so that all you heard Kevin say was "straight" and then it cut to the next shot.
I couldn't wait to see this movie! Was Kevin going to be Sandler's wacky gay friend? Would there be some odd gay innuendos between him and Sandler? Would he watch a lot of Bravo?

No. In the movie, just like in the trailer, he just says the word "straight" THAT IS IT. Moreover, the scene is played at the start of the movie in a montage of women we are led to believe actually slept with Adam Sandler. It is also assumed that so did Kevin's character.

Now WHAT could Lou Ferrigno do to fix that?

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