Thursday, May 10, 2007


When boj celebrated it's 1 year anniversary I was asked (at the last minute) to write something to fill up the space on the website. Once again I have been asked to provide free labor.

Here it is:


...I would have never pictured Sweetie Big Bumpin' with Brooke Burke.

...I wouldn't know who Robert Guil-LAME is.

...I wouldn't know of Sweetie's hatred of Laura Branigan.

...I would have never heard of a dorfin.

...I wouldn't fear Osteoarthritis.

...I wouldn't daydream about doing cartwheels in outer space.

...I would have more faith in the concept of a practical joke.

...I wouldn't confuse the Mexican section of Epcot with Tony Hawk.

...I wouldn't own Kevin Smith's pants.


...I'd never think about the things Iron Sheik's belt has seen.

The only reason I asked you to do this was because you told me you never visit my site anymore. I figured that this would FORCE you to read a WHOLE YEAR of posts in less than a week.

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