Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Buying shoes on eBay

eBay is fantastic. You can buy any thing you want and have some stranger ship it to you. Then it arrives, usually reeking of cigarettes and old people.

Of course after hanging on the clothesline outside for a week you take it inside and it is good as new.

But should you buy your shoes on ebay?

I decided to investigate.

Here is what I found:

2226 NACHO LIBRE Movie Props -Pair of Women Black Shoes
Wow! For under a dollar you can get your hands on a pair of sexy shoes that shared oxygen with Jack Black for a brief time!

Image Hosted by

How cool is that!?!?! Shoes with the same amount of film credits as Colleen Haskell (co-star of the hit Rob Schneider film The Animal.)

MG Midget Brake Shoes 1963-1979
I know, I know, these aren't regular shoes. These are for a car. Still, MIDGET SHOES makes me laugh. Laugh and laugh.

Golden ELF, DWARF SHOES Accessory for Adults A52083
Image Hosted by
Now we are talkin'! You and you car's brakes can have matching shoes!
That is fun.

FAR SIDE Morning Help MUG First Pants Then Your Shoes
Image Hosted by
I'm not sure I "get" this one.
Let's take a look at the description:
You are bidding on a 1983 FAR SIDE mug. For some morning help to get moving. The wall poster tells this man, to first put on this pants, then his shoes.

Now I get it. They are making fun of retarded people.

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