Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure Part 2

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Sometimes in life we repress memories. Bad things happen and we just don't want to talk about them. So instead we babble endlessly about Flintstones' guest star's "stone" inspired name parodies.

At least I do.

The shock and horror that is Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure has been pushed to the back of my brain.

Through proper psychiatric counseling I have been able to remember many of the details surrounding this movie.

1. Baby Huey tried to sleep in the top bunk in the bed and it collapsed. I was horrified. Was he hurt? Was the child sleeping under him DEAD?

I am sorry. I can't go on with this. It's much too painful. Instead, here is a list of nicknames that the cast of Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure could use if they are ever cast as themselves on The Flinstones or The Jetsons.

Maureen McCormick: The former Marcia Brady plays "Mom" in Baby Huey. On The Flinstones she would Maureen McChalkstone.

David Leisure: Best known as the lying Joe Isuzu, David is a charming father figure in Baby Huey. On The Jetsons he would be called David Lesaurora (for the solar phenomenon called Aurora.)

The rest of the cast could not get Hanna Barbara to return their calls.


  1. I would be Sweetie Guy Hutchinstone.

  2. Anonymous6/26/2006

    I can't wait for part three so I can find out if Baby Huey was hurt or if the little kid died.

  3. Anonymous6/27/2006

    Hey this is really funny (he's lying) it's the best (drive Isuzu.)

  4. Anonymous6/27/2006


    What was the plot of this film? Did the kid and the guy in the chicken outfit do anything? Did they play baseball or something?

  5. Yup. They did something. It may have been baseball. I will have to do a part 3.