Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Green Frog

Found this in an old newspaper from 1977:
The Green Frog Restaurant looked so cool. I googled to find more about it.

I dug back to 1974.

Someone called it "oldest restaurant"! I don't know who called it that, but good on them!

I like this story. Started out in 1938 as a 10 stool, 2 booth restaurant and then became a 260 seat place!

I found this postcard on eBay:

In 1978 they observed their 40th anniversary... and stamps were on trial:
Also in 1978, old comic strips!

Also Carlton Fluker was running for something!

And the debut of the CBMobile!

September 1981... bad news:

Could the news be any worse?

I can't take it!
 Oh no! This can't be worse!
Ah good! I knew it had to get better!

Here's workmen taking the sign down, it claims it's going to Florida.

One month later cooks prepared the final meals and Agnes serves 'em:

So what happened?

Well, Bill Darden who founded The Green Frog went on to found THE RED LOBSTER!!!

If only frogs were as delicious as lobster they would be at every shopping center.

Bill died in 1994 at the age of 75. He had founded The Green Frog at the age of 19!
His company is called Darden Restaurants and also includes Olive Garden, Yard House, Bahama Breeze and in 2007 they added LongHorn Steakhouse!
Whoooo hooo! Look at that celebration! She's got her umbrella on her wrist because LongHorn is gonna make it rain! Whoooo!

Thumbs up.

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