Monday, April 15, 2013

Valtera really wanted to sell me a skateboard

I realized something today: in the 1980s, the Valtera skateboard company wanted to sell me a skateboard.

I don't mean that in a general sense. Sure, they wanted to sell every kid a skateboard. But wow, these seemed to be marketed at me specifically.

Or maybe I was more of a typical teen than I knew.

It started off when a Valtera skateboard showed up in the megahit film, Back to the Future.

Despite numerous viewings of it, I never bought a Valtera.

Then they made a line of BTTF boards:
That didn't get me to buy. So someone at Valtera said "what else does this idiot like?"

And they made an ALF skateboard:

Then, in a final attempt at my parents money they released this beauty:

Skateboarders vs Wrestlers.

If only Mr. T had made a deal with Valtera, they would have made that crucial Guy Hutchinson demographic.


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