Thursday, March 07, 2013

A VCR once cost $469

 Yep. And guess how much that would be in today's dollars:
Whoa! Why didn't I crop the bottom of that image?

Now I am just wondering about how many VCRs I could buy in 1915 with a dollar.


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  2. We had a VCR back in 1978. According to my dad, he paid $999 for both the VCR and a black and white video camera that attached to it (ie: not portable). From what I understand, the ones before 1978 were only 2HR (SP) and 1978 was when they introduced 2HR/4HR (SP/LP). We began videotaping every Christmas morning in 1978 and somewhere I have a tape of me dumping out my stocking that year and finding all the original Star Wars figures. :)

  3. That's amazing! We were one of the first on the block to get one, but it was years after that. I imagine my block was full of Luddites. (I think I used that term right.)